Student-Alumnae Connection

Some of the most valuable relationships built at Barnard are those between alumnae and students. To foster this tie the Alumnae Affairs Office creates programs to bring alumnae and students together both on the Barnard campus, and throughout the world. This site will keep you up to date on opportunities to engage current and future Barnard alumnae.

Student Leaders: Sponsorship Opportunities for your Event

Alumnae Affairs can help sponsor your organization's events either by providing additional funds or by assisting your efforts to incorporate alumnae.

Last year’s events included a panel on balancing medical careers and motherhood, a trip to introduce members of the senior class to popular neighborhoods in New York, a student-alumnae brunch as a part of Celebration of Black Womanhood Week, and many more.

Finding Alumnae for Your Event

Barnard has 31,000 alumnae who have taken on exciting and innovative jobs in nearly every career path imaginable. We have many prominent alumnae whose names are known all over the world, and other alumnae who have endless experience and valuable knowledge to pass on to students. We ask that you keep an open mind about the alumnae you invite back to campus. Be sure to know the field you wish to target, and alumnae affairs can help you find a list of eager and engaging alumnae to inspire and guide your organization.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Transnational Feminism in South Asia: An embodiment of contradictions
Columbia University’s Sewa, a social justice and service-based campus group that is based on the Sikh value of “sewa” (selfless service). In conjunction with the Muslim Students Association, Organization of Pakistani Students, and Indian Student Association at Columbia, we look forward to hosting a moderated panel discussion, “Transnational Feminism in South Asia: An Embodiment of Contractions” in the spring semester.

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